TBC Digipass App is available for all TBC internet banking users.

Download TBC Digipass application right now!

It can be used in Georgia as well as abroad and does not require roaming. 

All you need is internet access. Open the TBC Digipass application and enter the PIN code. A Digipass code will be displayed on the screen, which you will use for authorization. TBC Digipass can be installed on an IOS as well as Android device.

Service fee

Initial registration

20 GEL

Registration for Startuppers 


Quarterly service fee

15 GEL

Repeated registration


In case you do not authorize active operation within 6 months after receiving the Digipass Token / TBC Digipass application received from the bank, the device / application will be automatically deactivated . In this case, the amount paid when registering the device / application will not be refunded.